It's been a busy Christmas season for me and my characters. Here are some updates. I've joined Amazon Prime, which means that readers who are members can check out WIN OR GO HOME just like a library book. It's free1 For the rest of the world, I've set the price at a low low low 99 cents.
Second, my friend and fellow thriller writer Doug Dorow has put an exerpt of his work, THE NINTH DISTRICT, at the end of WIN OR GO HOME and I have reciprocated. I can see more of this happening down the line.
Third, Rick Parker's adventures will continue in WINNER TAKES ALL, which is being edited now. I'm looking to publish no later than June, 2012. I will put an exerpt on the blog site very soon to entice readers.
Welcome to my blog. If you came from my Pulp Free site, I'm glad you made it. If you are just discovering me, I hope you find the visit worthwhile. Take the time to explore the website and leave suggestions or questions in the comments. I hope to entertain, educate and enjoy myself as I pursue a writing career. Win or Go Home is, at the moment, exclusively published on Amazon in e-book format as well as a paperback version. Amazon Prime customers can borrow a copy for free. I hope many people check out the sample pages. From time to time I'll publish exerpts from the second in the Rick Parker series, Winner Takes All, which I hope to publish in mid-2012.