Well, despite the pessimism I expressed about the benefits of Amazon Prime, I have managed to succeed in one respect at Kindle Direct Publishing. Going exclusive enabled me to have five free promotional days per 90 day cycle and last week I availed myself of the chance and scheduled a "President's Day Free promotion" starting at midnight on the 19th. I had low expectations. Last night I had my laptop on while I watched a DVD with my wife. I surfed over to the KDP page and checked my stats. I had managed to sell four books total in the month of February on the strength of re-writing my book description. I raised my price from 99 cents to 2.99 and then I submitted a new cover image, one I designed using elements from my website. It couldn't hurt, I figured. At first, nothing.

My jaw dropped as I looked at the number of units downloaded: 421. I said something in a strangled voice to my wife. She believed something was really wrong until I showed her the figures. What's more, my ranking in Kindle free thrillers was in the top 25. At the moment I stand at 26. I've had 827 downloads in the USA and UK.

I don't have one penny more in my pocket, but I have a chestful of dreams.
3/24/2012 01:23:42 pm

Wow. But you didn't make any more money? Are they free downloads, or do you mean the advertising is free?

3/24/2012 01:24:33 pm


Oh, I get it.

9/21/2012 06:25:18 pm

Interesting thoughts, just wanted to mention I came from Google.


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